You have to watch the first and last shots of these iconic TV shows side by side

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Screengrab via Celia Gomez/Vimeo

One of your favorite shows will be in this.

It’s almost the anniversary of the Mad Men series finale, and in a fitting tribute, Vimeo user Celia Gómez has cut together some of her favorite first and last frames from American TV shows. 

Her reel covers everything from Twin Peaks to The SopranosFriends to Californicationand shows you how these iconic shows managed to both change and stay exactly the same. 

It’s also fun to see which directors gave a lot of thought to their first and last frames. For Lost, J.J. Abrams’ thoughtful symbolism proves he knew exactly how it would end all along—even if millions of fans couldn’t have seen it coming. 

The whole thing will give you chills.

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