YouTube right now! “Mario—Post-It Life”

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In YouTube Right Now, the Daily Dot looks at videos that catch our eyes, push our buttons, and move our dials—and that you’ve just got to watch. Right now!

All it took was a giant wall, 7,000 Post-It Notes, and some “ninja like patience” to cut one of the most accurate remodelings of Super Mario’s quest to save Princess Toadstool yet.

Zach “Final Cut” King is the man behind “Mario—Post It Life,” a 1:26 YouTube clip that takes the 8-bit video game superhero from the screen to his office wall, creating a stunning interpretation on two dimensional art in the process. The video, which uses stop motion animation effects and features all sorts of favorites from the Super Mario Bros. franchise, shows viewers just how much is possible with an editing software tool like Final Cut Pro: you can practically make Post-Its run.

Posted on YouTube yesterday, the video has already accrued more than 25,000 views, and that number’s climbing fast.

As with all Post-It Note videos—like this on from Los Angeles indie rockers the Family Bones—some of the appeal lies behind the veil of mystery: how in the hell did these people take bunch of stagnant two-inch-by-two-inch notes and turn them into some kind of movie?

Later today, King plans to release a new video explaining how “Mario—Post-It Life” all came together. But you’ll have to subscribe to his channel to find out. He writes at the end of this clip that he’ll send a notifier out to all those who’ve signed up.

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Chase Hoffberger

Chase Hoffberger

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