Things are starting to get Super, Super Official for the great YouTube food reviewer Daymon “Daym Drops” Patterson. 

Things are starting to get Super, Super Official for the great YouTube food reviewer Daymon “Daym Drops” Patterson

Wednesday night, Patterson took the leap from YouTube to the boob tube, appearing on NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to offer up his take on McDonald’s McRib sandwich, a much ballyhooed item on the menu that seems to always come and go.

Think of it like a hamburger subbed with pork meat. Instead of being ground into a patty, it’s ribbed like a babyback rack and served hot under onions.

A new item, but Patterson’s operation was still business as usual. The large-and-in-charge Connecticut man got in his car and drove to McDonald’s, ordered the sandwich, then fired up his camera. 

“I shot that review on Monday,” he told the Daily Dot Thursday morning, adding that Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night producers called him over the weekend. 

“They were like, ‘Okay, so we got the McRib dropping, and it’s coming your way on Monday. Would you mind heading over to McDonald’s and doing a review and shooting it over to us so that we can debut it for you?’ 

“That’s exactly what I did.”

Patterson’s McRib Review, which lasts 5:24 and features Patterson rating the sandwich a C– and changing its name name to “The McSlab,” aired at the beginning of Fallon’s hour-long late night show, during his monolog, when Patterson believes most of Fallon’s fans were watching. 

“I didn’t know that I was going to headline,” he said. “That was the craziest part for me. I thought it was going to be in the middle of the show, but as soon as it got started and Jimmy hit the ground running, that was the first thing that they showed.

“Oh my goodness, it was incredible, bro. Incredible. I gotta hop on my decline, you know? I don’t think I’ve slept since the show.”

Neither have his networks. Patterson reports that he’s picked up 1,000 Twitter followers, 1,300 YouTube subscribers, and 850 Facebook fans in the hours since Late Night With Jimmy Fallon aired his review. 

“And we got a whole lot more coming in right now as we speak,” Patterson added.

So can we expect more of the magic that is Daymon Patterson on late-night TV? Right now it looks like we can only hope.

“That’s something that I can’t disclose, but I will say to keep on the lookout, because big things are happening,” he said. 

Big things, Daym? More like they’re Super Official.

Photo via Daym Drops/YouTube

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