Dan Bilzerian’s Twitch account banned after he streams bikini-clad women running for cash


Dan Bilzerian’s Twitch account has been taken offline one day after he live streamed women in bikinis trying to run a 5-minute mile for cash.

As Dexerto notes, Bilzerian set up the so-called challenges for some of his female companions on Monday. All of it likely was used to promote Ignite, his high-end cannabis brand.

The women, who are social media models and who are termed the Ignite Girls, were offered as much as $30,000 if they could break the 5-minute mark while running on a treadmill. Considering you’d need world-class speed to accomplish that task, it was basically an impossible challenge.

But a few of the women tried, including Instagram model Kinsey Sue.

Another woman, Alex Abbate, was offered $6,000 to beat that mark. She didn’t make it, either.

But the video of Sue was placed in extreme slow motion for problematic reasons that become all too obvious. The cameraman shooting Abbate moved to her backside so, in the words of Bilzerian, he could “get a better angle.” Meanwhile, the gun-loving and gun-toting Bilzerian laughs maniacally as she sprints on the treadmill and desperately tries to hold onto the safety bars in front of her.

As of this writing, a notice on Bilzerian’s Twitch page reads, “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.” That’s the language normally used when a streamer has been banned. Twitch does not comment on individual accounts, why they’ve been punished, and for how long they’ve been banned.

It’s unclear why the channel was taken down, but according to Twitch’s community guidelines, it could have been due to “sexually suggestive content.”

Bilzerian did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.


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Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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