Dad surprises daughter with photo evidence that he once dated Salma Hayek 

The throwback pics are amazing.


Tiffanie Drayton


When parents make outlandish claims, it’s only natural for their kids to be wary. One Twitter user whose father claimed he dated a celebrity did precisely that–until he pulled out the receipts, that is.

“My dad has been telling me he dated Salma Hayek for a weekend like all my life and I never believed him until he sent me these pics of him partying with her and all my tias,” Twitter user @youneedyuri wrote, along with the photographic evidence.

In the pictures, a young Hayek can be seen striking fierce poses and standing close to a group of people, who the poster alleges is comprised of her father and aunts. While she was thrilled to finally be able to verify her dad’s story, one commenter pointed out that the pictures raise a whole lot more questions about what happened during their weekend outing, long ago.

“I wish there was more context…. just a weekend…,” the commenter questioned.

@youneedyuri agreed that she, too, needed to find out more.

“He did mention they were on the beach and held hands but I never know if I should trust the shit he tells me.. but now I can confirm thru my two aunts who are also in those pics,” she wrote. Her dad seems to boast an exciting life because he also once allegedly met notorious drug lord El Chapo.

The tweet is relatively unknown as of right now, with only a few retweets and likes. Some are hoping the tweet will go viral and Hayek herself will respond with answers.

“I need this to blow up so @salmahayek can see this and remember these really good times,” one user wrote, tagging the celebrity in the thread.

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