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The humor of Pronunciation Manual meets the destructive tendencies of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time.


We see you’ve all played knifey spoony before. Or at least everyone at Cut Dat Commentary has.

The latest off-the-wall YouTube channel on our radar has a pretty basic premise: Viewers get a closeup of a man, a cutting board, an unsuspecting vegetable or other food item, and a ferocious dismantling of the aforementioned with the least appropriate tool available—usually a spoon. Meanwhile, a soft-spoken narrator guides us through each cutting event in hushed, dulcet tones as if we’re witnessing historical moments.

Think of it as having the dry sense of humor of Pronunciation Manual, the destructive tendencies of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, and the delivery of the commentators at a golf tournament.

There are plenty of bizarre channels in the bottomless pit that is YouTube, but this one gives even the strangest a run for their money. Let’s just say it’s cut its way straight to our hearts.

H/T Digg | Screengrab via Cut Dat Commentary/YouTube

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