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In a new segment on Wednesday, the talk show host read fictional tweets from celebrities and politicians. 

Out of everyone who uses Twitter, it’s celebrities who often tweet the dumbest things. But as Conan O’Brien found out, it could be a lot worse.

On Wednesday night’s edition of Conan, the talk show host read about 10 fictional tweets from celebrities, politicians, and whatever you want to classify the “tan mom” from New Jersey as. The segment, called “Why Would You Tweet That?,” lasted nearly three minutes, but it wasn’t as funny when Nick Offerman read tweets from young stars.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Beyonce: “People may hate my baby’s name, Blue Ivy, but wait ‘til they meet our next baby, Green Algae.”

The tan mom (or @NJTanMom if she was on Twitter): “Job offers pouring in…tomorrow I start my first day as an entry level horse saddle.”

Pres. Obama: “I approve of gay marriage. Conan, Andy, enjoy your new life together. #andikilledosamabinladen,” read Conan.

There’s no reason why Obama shouldn’t tweet, though. They do make a cute couple.

Photo via TBS

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