This Chris Pratt interview gets extremely uncomfortable

SMOSH prank chris pratt

The best way to break the news of your STD is with a voicemail from a celebrity.

Press junkets can be the most boring of all interviews. Thankfully the guys of Smosh mixed things up with Chris Pratt during a Jurassic World press junket to hilarious results.

Anthony Padilla served as the puppet master, radioing in directives to Ian Hecox like drinking all of Pratt’s water or asking Pratt for butt workout tips. Pratt gracefully rolls with whatever Smosh throw at him during their encounter, including calling Hecox’s mom and letting her know that Hecox has contracted a STD.

We do learn one very important lesson from this encounter: If Chris Pratt lactated chocolate milk, we’d never see him again.

Screengrab via SMOSH/YouTube

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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