New York City GIF creator Neil P. sounds off on what some have called Chris Bosh’s best performance yet for the Miami Heat. 

On the court, power forward Chris Bosh is the undisputed third wheel on a powerhouse Miami Heat team poised for a run at the NBA title. On the Internet, he’s the centerpiece of one of the best new GIF bombs in professional sports.

Bosh sparked the GIF bomb after his head invaded the TNT telecast of an interview with teammate Lebron James following last night’s 104-94 playoff victory over the New York Knicks. A few minutes later, New York City artist Neil P. turned the shot into the hilarious GIF.

“It wasn’t so much when his head came into view as it was his look at the camera,” Neil P. explained to the Daily Dot.

“His sidelong glare at the camera is what makes it so funny.”

Neil P.’s GIF has started to make the Internet rounds where it’s been called “epic,” “hilarious,” and “the best thing Chris Bosh has done as a Miami Heat.”

Some have even go so far as to call the GIF “the greatest video bomb of all time,” a distinction on which Neil P. has been quick to defer.

“Well, for that Bosh moment to be the best photobomb ever would mean the David Robinson/Old Lady GIF would not exist,” he said. “And it does. It so exists. And it’s glorious.”

Photo via TNT

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