‘Chewie’ is the ‘Louie’ parody you’ve been waiting for

Chewbacca in 'Chewie'


A Wookiee in New York City would make for a great sitcom.

Considering he’s never spoken a word of earthly language, it’s amazing that Chewbacca has become such a beloved figure. He’s a popular Halloween costume, the subject of an endless number of toys and other merchandise, and now he has his own sitcom. Well, a parody of a sitcom, at least.

Chewie is a brilliantly crafted recreation of the title sequence from the Louis C.K. series Louie, and it’s downright magical. Laboriously making his way through the streets of New York City, munching on some greasy diner food, and cranking out a late-night comedy set, it’s all in a day’s work for everyone’s favorite Wookiee. 

Screengrab via Nerdist/YouTube

Mike Wehner

Mike Wehner

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