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40 celebrities to follow on Snapchat

Glam up your Snapchat experience with snaps from the stars.


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Posted on Aug 21, 2015   Updated on May 28, 2021, 3:01 am CDT

Snapchat isn’t just about silly selfies and self-destructing sexts. There’s a whole host of celebrities using the platform to communicate more casually with their fans.

From Madonna showing an exclusive glimpse of a music video to Arnold Schwarzenegger sharing pics of his workouts, fans have a new platform to tune in to. Here’s our list of celebrity snapchats.

Celebrities to follow on Snapchat

1) Meghan Trainor

Snapchat username: mtrainor22

celebrity snapchats: Meghan Trainor

Amy-Mae Turner

Megatrons will be happy to know that the pop star is all about that Snapchat. She is pretty active on the platform, sharing selfies and snaps of her cats.

2) Jared Leto

Snapchat username:jaredleto

Jared Leto posts multicolored snaps (he’s a fan of the doodling option) of his Hollywood lifestyle as well as behind-the-scenes pics of tours with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars.

3) Madonna

Snapchat username: madonna

The Queen of Pop used Snapchat to exclusively premiere a new music video from her “Rebel Heart” album. You can take a pic of her Snapcode so you don’t miss any future content.


celebrity snapchats: madonna



4) Arnold Schwarzenegger

Snapchat username:arnoldschnitzel

Arnie uses Snapchat to share the ordinary things he’s up to on a day-to-day basis. In addition to glimpses of the big man himself, expect lots of emojis.

5) David Guetta

Snapchat username: davidguettaoff

celebrity snapchats: David Guetta

Amy-Mae Turner

The French DJ superstar can be seen on Snapchat sharing footage of his travels and shows all around the world. It’s fun to live vicariously through him.

6) Jennifer Lopez

Snapchat username:jlobts

J-Lo joined Snapchat back in March. Since then, she’s shared some celebrity occasions, as well as more down-to-Earth moments at home with her kids.

7) Justin Bieber

Snapchat username:rickthesizzler

Beliebers went crazy when the Canadian star revealed his Snapchat username back in June. The Bieb posts silly video clips and selfies for his adoring fanbase to croon over.

8) Miley Cyrus

Snapchat username:mileycyrus

Not known for shyness, Miley often uses Snapchat for scandalous selfies and snaps of her with celebrity pals.

9) Ryan Seacrest

Snapchat username:ryanseacrest

TV host Ryan Seacrest has plenty to share on Snapchat and has even been known to send snaps directly to some of his followers.

10) Rihanna

Snapchat username:rihanna

You can expect some red carpet glamour and exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses of a pop star’s busy schedule.

11) Kim Kardashian

Snapchat username:kimkardashian

As you may have noticed from celebrity news sources, Kardashian is quite keen to share on the Snapchat platform. Recent posts have included make-up free selfies, workout insights, and yes, North West.

12) Sean Diddy Combs

Snapchat username:puffdaddy

celebrity snapchats: Puff Daddy

Amy Mae-Turner

Big on inspirational and motivational content, the rapper formerly and currently known as P. Diddy uses Snapchat videos to share his thoughts on life, and, rather memorably earlier this year, a medical procedure on his shoulder.

13) Gwen Stefani

Snapchat username:itsgwenstefani

Gwen Stefani has made headlines for sharing snaps of what some might consider private family events, such as birthday parties and wedding and anniversary celebrations. Fans will love the unfiltered look at her life, complete with lots of selfies.

14) Reese Witherspoon

Snapchat username:snapsbyreese

celebrity snapchats: Reese Witherspoon

Amy Mae-Turner

Clearly a Snapchat fan, Reese Witherspoon shares a bit of everything on her feed from looks at fashion collections, inspirational quotes, photos of family and friends, and candid moments out and about.

15) Lady Gaga

Snapchat username:ladygaga

Lady Gaga chose Snapchat as the platform to reveal her David Bowie tribute tattoo with a video of her in the tattooist’s chair. Many other snaps have contained pics with celeb buddies, so follow along for some social star stalking.

16) Usher

Snapchat username: howusnap

Usher snaps a surprising amount of food photos. As well as seeing what the R&B star is about to eat, add him for moments with friends and insider footage from rehearsals.

17) Ed Sheeran

Snapchat username:teddysdaytoday

Although currently taking a hiatus from social media, Ed Sheeran’s Snapchat content was popular with fans, comprising of silly selfies and lifestyle insights. We’re hoping he’ll return to the platform once he’s finished his third album.

18) Kate Hudson

Snapchat username: khudsnaps

celebrity snapchats: Kate Hudson

Amy Mae-Turner

Kate Hudson plays around on Snapchat with face swaps, funny lenses, and amusing captions. She also shares a few Hollywood beauty secrets, such as crazy-looking electric shock eye treatments.

19) John Legend

Snapchat username:johnlegend

Singer and besotted new dad John Legend‘s Snapchat is full of adorable pics of his baby girl, Luna. For more from this cute family you can also follow Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen (chrissyteigen).

20) Jessica Alba

Snapchat username: jessicamalba

celebrity snapchats: Jessica Alba

Amy Mae-Turner

Expect lots of photos with glamorous friends and her happy family from Jessica Alba. Oh, and a fair bit of promotion for her cosmetics company, Honest Beauty.

21) Gigi Hadid

Snapchat username:doublegiforce

Gigi Hadid posts a lot of behind-the-scenes photos from designer fashion shows, selfies with other model friends, and silly videos.

22) Chris D’Elia

Snapchat username:chrisdelia

celebrity snapchats: Chris D'Elia

Screenshot via Snapchat

23) Jenna Dewan Tatum

Snapchat username:jennaldewan

Jenna Dewan Tatum is hilarious and shows it through posting funny videos—sometimes even featuring her Magic Mike beau, Channing Tatum.

celebrity snapchats: Jenna Dewan Tatum

Screenshot via Snapchat

24) Joe Jonas

Snapchat username:joseadam

Everything Joe Jonas posts involves his band DNCE, but we’re still dreaming of his days in the Jonas Brothers.

celebrity snapchats: Joe Jonas

Screenshot via Snapchat

25) Calvin Harris

Snapchat username: CalvinHarris

Might be too late to point this out, but Calvin Harris is so funny his snaps deserve an instant replay. Half of what Harris posts are steamy selfies, but he also shares really random and hilarious narratives often involving things like peanut butter sandwiches, plants, and other random things he’s surrounded by. He also loves to take snaps of the palm trees in Los Angeles.

celebrity snapchats: Calvin Harris

Screenshot via Snapchat

26) Kendall Jenner

Snapchat username:kendalljenner

Following Kendall Jenner will most definitely make you jealous, but it also lets viewers in on her life as a high-fashion model who’s always surrounded by pretty people, fancy food, and glittery garments.

celebrity snapchats: Kendall Jenner

Screenshot via Snapchat

27) Nicole Richie

Snapchat username:itsnikkifresh

From her username to her TV show, everything she does is just funny.

28) Diplo

Snapchat username: Diplo

Diplo pretty much just takes a ton of selfies, photos of him traveling, and videos of his Major Lazor concerts with the fast-forward Snapchat feature.

celebrity snapchats: Diplo

Screenshot via Snapchat

29) Norman Reedus

Snapchat username:bigbaldheadchat

Norman Reedus of Walking Dead snaps selfies and funny videos of him and his friends.

30) Chelsea Handler

Snapchat username:chelseahandler

The comedian and TV Host of Chelsea Latelyuses Snapchat as a platform to tell more jokes and take flawless selfies.

celebrity snapchats: Chelsea Handler

Screenshot via Snapchat

31) 2 Chainz

Snapchat username:hairweavekiller

The rapper and producer’s snap Story is exactly what one would expect: blunts, bling, and tour buses.

celebrity snapchats: 2 Chainz

Screenshot via Snapchat

32) Hannah Bronfman

Snapchat username:hannahbgood

Hannah Bronfman is the it-girl for all things fitness, beauty, and style inspiration. Also, her and Brendan Fallis are total relationship goals.

33) Shay Mitchell

Snapchat username:officialshaym

Shay Mitchell, most known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, snaps an equal amount of glamorous selfies as well as food that will make you drool.

celebrity snapchats: Shay Mitchell

Screenshot via Snapchat

34) Alexa Chung

Snapchat username:chungalexa

Alexa Chung is semi-active on Snapchat and takes lots of selfies, funny videos, and offers a look into her busy life as a fashion icon.

35) Zendaya

Snapchat username: zendaya_96

Disney actress Zendaya is refreshing to follow on Snapchat, as her life—as documented through Snapchat—reminds us that celebrities are just like us, except for the hair and make-up sets. Zendaya hangs with her friends, eats pizza, and lounges on couches—just like all of us.

celebrity snapchats: Zendaya

Screenshot via Snapchat

36) Kylie Jenner

Snapchat username:kylizzlemynizzl

Selfies, selfies, boobs, selfies, and lots of mirror pics. What more could you ask for?

celebrity snapchats: Kylie Jenner

Screenshot via Snapchat

37) Rick Ross
Snapchat username:

If you follow Rick Ross he will show you all his luxury bling, take many selfies showing how proud he is of that fluffy beard and make us jealous of his fine living (shoutout to all the pear).

celebrity snapchats: Rick Ross

Screengrab via Snapchat

38) DJ Khaled

Snapchat username: djkhaled305

DJ Khaled’s recent career spike is practically halfway based on his use of Snapchat. From documenting his jet-ski adventures to snapchatting his son’s birth, if you have time to watch his whole 200-second-long stories, then he is worth a follow.

celebrity snapchats: DJ Khaled

Screengrab via Snapchat

39) Bella Hadid

Snapchat username: babybels777

The youngest Hadid sister posts lots of selfies and behind-the-scene photos from fashion shows, but she’s a bit secretive when it comes to letting her followers where she is exactly.

celebrity snapchats: Bella Hadid

Screengrab via Snapchat

40) Bob Saget

Snapchat username:bobsterclaw

Follow Bob Saget if you want to hear dad jokes, watch him drink out of a lot of water bottles, and see where he is around the world.

celebrity snapchats: Bob Saget

Screengrab via Snapchat

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