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Photo via Meghan Roberts/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

DJ Khaled got lost at sea on a jet ski and Snapchatted the entire adventure

You don’t want these problems.


AJ Dellinger


You probably know DJ Khaled from his tendency to yell his name at the start of songs. You definitely don’t know him for his nautical navigation skills, which recently got the music producer lost at sea. While you don’t want those problems, Khaled made the most of the adventure by sharing it on Snapchat.

After partaking in a four course lunch at his home in Florida, the DJ decided that he was so blessed by the day that he should hop on his jet ski and take to the ocean. After “narrowly avoiding the police,” Khaled made a stop at his longtime collaborator Rick Ross’ house because he wants no new friends

After a second lunch—which reportedly was “amazing”—Khaled hopped back on his jet ski to head home. On the return trip, Khaled drew the attention of the police, who don’t love him no more after previous run-ins. Khaled was fed up with dealing with the police, who just seemed to want to holla at him

By the time Khaled, who was out there grinding, got back to navigating the seas, it was dark. Khaled reps his city, but in the dead of night he accidentally found himself going global as he started heading for into the wild blue. 

The DJ, always set on keeping his audience happy, continued to send out Snaps of the entire experience. He provided commentary throughout, telling his fans, “It’s dark. It’s so dark. It’s so real out here right now,” and “This shit real out here, boy,”—a shout out to the real who knew what he was going through. At one point he said, “The only reason you see anything is because I got the flash on.”

Despite the predicament, Khaled never surrendered and even offered a bit of advice to others who might find themselves in a similar situation: “The key is not to drive the jet ski in the dark. It’s against the law at night, there’s that. This ain’t right.” 

Truer words have never been spoken.

Thankfully, this story of ocean exploration has a happy ending—Khaled made it home. In a series of Snaps, he praised God for delivering him back to his dock while declaring, “We made it. Never said it was easy to win. Feels good to be back on the pathway to more success. Feels great. Lion!” 

It seems all Khaled does is win, so check out his Snapchat-documented adventure below. 

H/T Fact Mag | Photo via Meghan Roberts/Flickr (CC  BY 2.0)

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