Bubala Please: Celebrate Hanukkah with some motherf**king latkes


A new Web series views Hanukkah through the eyes of two Jewish gangstas, Jaquann and Luis.

With Hanukkah a mere 11 days away, even your neighborhood gang-bangers are getting ready for the festival of lights.

Meet Jaquann and Luis, who are just your average “latke-making dreidel-spinning, menorah-lighting gang-bangers. Oh, and they’re also Jewish.

In the first episode of “Bubala Please,”  the chosen thugs show you how to make latkes, i.e. a fried potato pancake so good that it could settle street fights.

To start off, Jaquann suggests you “shank those motherfuckers” (the motherfuckers being potatoes, natch.) Then shred the potatoes, chop the onions, mix in a few eggs, some flour, and a dash of salt and pepper. “And now these bitches are ready to fry,” Jaquann enthusiastically says, clearly in the holiday spirit.

Jaquann goes on to describe the latkes with words that we can’t use, but let’s just say he’s performing a mitzvah if he took them to his company’s holiday party.

Smattered with swear words, the two-minute show is only work safe if you’re wearing headphones. The series is written by Jacob Salamon, Jared Bauer, and Josh Cohen, who describe the guys’ spiritual journey of discovering their Jewish roots through making latkes, spinning dreidels, and lighting menorahs.

That, incidentally, sounds like what we learned in shul.

Bubala Please (bubala is yiddish for grandma) promises more episodes as we approach Hanukkah. We’re eagerly awaiting the one where they go menorah shopping!

Photo via bubalaplease/YouTube

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