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Bryan Cranston reading ‘You Have to F**king Eat’ is every parent’s best friend

Bryan Cranston doesn’t have time to deal with picky eaters. 


Greg Seals


Actor Bryan Cranston has spent the better part of his on-screen career playing a parent. From fathering four boys on Malcolm in the Middle to buying Walt Jr.’s affections with a Denny’s grand slam on Breaking Bad, the guy knows a thing or two about how to raise kids.

That kind of sage parental expertise is exactly while Audible chose Cranston to narrate the audiobook for You Have to Fucking Eat. Penned by Adam Mansbach, author of the equally curt alternative children’s book Go the Fuck to Sleep, the follow-up deals with the frustrations every father faces when it comes to getting kids to eat.

If Mansbach decides to pen a cautionary tale for kids about answering the door for strangers, something tells me that Cranston’s got the perfect timbre for that too. After all, he is the one who knocks. 

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