Bruce Willis takes on the iTunes terms of service, becomes a meme


When the action star found out he couldn’t bequeath his massive iTunes music library to his daughters, he said he might sue Apple. Reddit immediately turned Anti-iTunes Willis into an image macro.

Most people are mad when they learn that though they’ve paid Apple to download music, they don’t own it—Apple does; they’ve just bought the rights to hear it. And most people don’t do anything about it.

But most people aren’t action star Bruce Willis.

Irritated iTunes customers may have found a new champion in Willis, who’s reportedly thinking of suing Apple after learning he can’t bequeath his massive downloads library to his daughters.

A few redditors who heard the news quickly turned Die Hard-star-turned-Internet-freedom-fighter Bruce Willis into an image macro.

Sure, Willis has battled terrorists on the big screen, but his most heroic accomplishment may be actually reading iTunes’ 61-page End User License Agreement.

Photo via anonymous/Imgur

Kevin Collier

Kevin Collier

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