The only Pinterest primer you’ll need

You could go buy a book. But why? If you want to know how to use Pinterest, check this out.

Mar 3, 2020, 7:59 am*



Lauren Rae Orsini

How does one learn to use Pinterest? Though the social network is now two years old, it’s still a lucrative question.

Today, there are 18 different books on Amazon, priced from $0 to $10, written to educate people on how to use Pinterest. (A search shows 25 results, but seven are unrelated.)

We were first tipped off to this fact by blogger Danny Brown, who asserts that by now, Pinterest is a simple three step process for everyone: “Pick an image you like. Pin. Repeat.”

“Where were these books two years ago, or even a year ago, when there was still a need for less obvious ways to use the platform?” he asked the Daily Dot. “It just smacks of the usual fast buck mentality from publishers looking to take advantage of a buzz platform.”

We think we speak for everyone when we say you’d have to be a dummy to spend actual cash on Pinterest for Dummies. However, Brown’s three-step technique might still be too simple for some Pinterest beginners who have just discovered the network.

We’re not social media marketing guru educator experts, but the Daily Dot has already written fifty articles about Pinterest, many of which are full of helpful information for Pinterest users of every level of technological know-how.

So save your cash and read our free Pinterest primer:

Chapter One: The Basics

Pinterest draws interest: what it is, how to use it, and why people love it.
A tutorial for Pinterest perfection: pinning by category and topic.
The 10 most important pinners of 2011: who to follow on Pinterest.
Three easy ways to get an invite to Pinterest: how to join.
A new way to get help on Pinterest: Pinterest’s support page.

Chapter Two: Hobbies and Interests

Why Pinterest is addicting for everyone: why Pinterest has something for every interest.
Nine celebrities to follow on Pinterest: for celebrity spotters.
Pinterest gets political with Mitt Romney pinboards:  how to use Pinterest for activism.
Pinterest’s Board of Man:  how men have embraced Pinterest.
Making fun of Pinterest is the new Pinterest:  exploring the site through parody.

Chapter Three: Businesses and Brands

How Pinterest works for businesses, large and small:  tips for business owners.
McDonald’s shows the right way to build a brand on Pinterest:  a good branding example.
The dos and donts of pinning on Pinterest:  Companies, here’s how not to pin.
How to hijack popular brands for free publicity:  why brands need to stay active on Pinterest.

Chapter Four: Copyright and Legality

Pinterest may not be legal:  read before you pin.
Flickr allows users to opt out of pinner:  you can’t always legally pin Flickr photos.
Etsy sellers have second thoughts:  Etsy may follow Flickr.
Self promotion on Pinterest:  pinning one’s own images is guaranteed legal.

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*First Published: Mar 8, 2012, 1:00 pm