Some genius made a Bob Ross database of every ‘Joy of Painting’ masterpiece


A superfan has created a searchable website with all 403 paintings Bob Ross made, during his 11 years on PBS stalwart program The Joy of Painting. Stretch your legs, you’ll be here a while.

Felix Auer, a web developer, created the highly detailed Two Inch Brush, where you can search and view all of Ross’ work over all 31 seasons. Each painting has a page, with links to the specific episode on YouTube. The show is also streaming on Netflix.

The site enables you to search by tone and color, and there’s even a step by step guide, featuring one of the Ross’ episodes.

Here’s Ross, with his iconic afro and soothing voice, in the “Mystic Mountain” episode:

H/T Hyperallergic

Kahron Spearman

Kahron Spearman

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