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Billie Eilish hit herself in the face with a mic—and reminded us why we love her

Fans couldn’t get enough of the relatable moment.


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When Billie Eilish breathes, America listens.

There isn’t a thing the 17-year-old musician can do that won’t spark the attention of her hordes of fans. This fact was evident again over the weekend when a simple mishap during a conversation with fans lead to yet another viral Billie moment. While finishing up her When We All Fall Asleep World Tour in Mexico, Eilish accidentally hit herself in the mouth with her mic. The young musician’s relatable reaction quickly went viral, and likely earned her a few new fans in the process.

Despite the overall innocuous nature of the moment, videos of the incident quickly began circulating early Monday morning.

In the clip, Eilish is halfway through responding to, presumably, a fan, when she brings the mic too close to her face. After firmly smacking the mic against her mouth, Eilish laughs. “That fucking hurt,” she says. Fans were all over the relatable reaction, quickly flooding the internet with their adoring commentary and responding with reaction GIFs.

The reaction quickly sparked memes as well, like one fan who captioned the video with “I’m Billie and the microphone is life hitting me in the face as a result of my poor decisions.”

Considering her worldwide fame, Eilish has remained surprisingly down-to-earth. The young star’s tendency to indulge in regular interactions with fans, as well as her laid-back attitude, have aided her in gaining massive popularity among listeners. Over the weekend, yet another relatable Billie moment swept the web. As Eilish, seated in the back of a vehicle, prepared to head out, a fan approached her car. In a video posted to Twitter, Eilish can be seen opening the door and inviting the fan over. The two then share a long, tight hug before Eilish heads off to her intended destination. It’s a small thing, but to her adoring fans, these normal moments mean the world.

Eilish has had a remarkably busy year, particularly considering her young age. On top of her album, sporting the same name as the tour and debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, Eilish recently announced a planned collection of kids’ clothes through her clothing line Blohsh. Eilish uploaded a video to her Instagram, featuring herself surrounded by neon-clad children this week.

Eilish’s Where Do We Go? World Tour starts in early 2020 and will take her all over the world, so we can expect plenty more viral Billie moments soon.


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