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How the cutting edge of media is fostering a community around old media as well.

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YouTube is, in many ways, the cutting edge of media. It provides creators of all stripes with a platform on which to be seen and in so doing has minted a hundreds of new media stars. However, the medium has also been a boon for those aspiring to talk about or create in old media as well. Literary YouTube creators, a subcategory sometimes referred to as “booktube” have taken off in recent years with a number of aspiring an established authors sharing their work and even more fans and enthusiasts joining the conversation about their favorite books.

OpenSlate, carefully tracks emerging content creators across multiple verticals and they’ve identified five emerging channels that put books front and center.

1) AshleyB Books

  • SlateScore: 345
  • Total Subs: 4,923
  • Monthly Views: 3,240

2) Clau Reads Books

  • SlateScore: 572
  • Total Subs: 135,465
  • Monthly Views: 451,440

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