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At the Drive-In singer revisits Danny Masterson rape case in tweetstorm

He said the Netflix star raped his wife, and the Church of Scientology is covering it up.


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Published Nov 22, 2017   Updated May 22, 2021, 10:20 am CDT

Last week, Chrissie Carnell Bixler—wife of At the Drive-In frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala—came forward and publicly said That ’70s Show actor Danny Masterson raped her. Bixler-Zavala then tweeted in defense of his wife and called out Masterson, the Church of Scientology, Twitter, Netflix, TMZ and the Los Angeles Police Department.

News about Masterson’s troubling past surfaced after Netflix cut ties with Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey, following reports of their sexual misconduct. At least four women said Masterson is also guilty of abuse and called out Netflix for continuing his new comedy series, The Ranch.

Bixler-Zavala said Netflix—as well as LAPD, TMZ, and Twitter—have all been silenced by the Church of Scientology because Masterson is a member.  

“Our phones and computers have been tapped and the Church has been outsourcing private investigators and various thugs to follow and try and intimidate my family under the policy known as fair game,” Bixler-Zavala said. “If anything happens to my wife while I’m gone on tour then you’ll know why.”







Bixler-Zavala also hinted that this isn’t the first time he’s talked about Masterson’s crime. He’s also referenced the incident in song lyrics.


Metal Sucks pointed out that the lyrics of the album track “Incurably Innocent” appear to be about the supposed cover-up:

“He keeps a-hiding your photograph

Of the moment that you needed to emasculate his

Photograph but you locked up in the trance of a memory

Photograph of the moment that you needed to emasculate his

Photograph but you locked up in the trance of a memory

Marching to the coffins on Franklin Avenue

Preyed on the anguish, you better run

Always dragging a finger across his throat

Man is the fixer to sage the ghosts

And the faith that awarded his every move”

Franklin Avenue is the Hollywood location of Scientology’s first Celebrity Centre International.

Supporters have also taken to Twitter to ask Netflix and close friends of the actor to condemn his actions. Fans have even created a petition to ask Netflix to cancel The Ranch.

Chrissie pressed charges against Masteron last year, but the Huffington Post revealed earlier this month the inquiry had “stalled” “despite overwhelming evidence.” When HuffPo reached out to Netflix for a comment regarding the reports against The Ranch star, the streaming giant responded, “We are aware of the allegations and the subsequent investigation, and will respond if developments occur.”

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*First Published: Nov 22, 2017, 12:50 pm CST