The classic NES cartridge designers at 72pins have a few ideas about what that might look like.

If the next season of Arrested Development is still too far away for you, here’s something for which it’s worth raiding the banana stand for money.

The site 72Pins has reimagined parts of the show as video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Sadly, they don’t exist as actual games; just the concepts with smartly designed game cartridges (which have real NES games on them and actually work, apparently).

Just imagine playing a Donkey Kong-style game with Steve Holt as your nemesis, trying to fist pump his hands in your face as you try to jump onto his head. Or a car race game where finishing first is less important than avoiding banana peels and hop-ons (you’re gonna get hop-ons).

We can only assume that Chicken Dance Revolution affords difficulty settings for your family members’ variations on the chicken dance.

There are six games in the collection, though we can’t tell if Dr. Funke’s 100 Percent Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution is a music game, a medical mystery, or (hopefully) both.

We can only hope this is the start of something bigger. Fingers crossed for All You Need Is Smiles, which sees Oscar Bluth navigate the California coastline, and Call Me Maeby, a morally complicated relationship game aimed at saccharine-sweet-pop-loving tweens.

Here’s hoping Gob Bluth doesn’t hear about all this, else he might want some Mr. Bananagrabber royalties.

Photos via 72Pins

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