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“Angry Birds Toons” will probably be pretty terrible

Angry Birds is getting a new web series, with very littlle plot and no dialogue. Parents, stock up on Excedrin.


Jordan Valinsky


In what is the dumbest thing ever, Angry Birds is releasing a new YouTube-based series devoted to the stupid, fake animated animals.

Annoyingly titled Angry Birds Toons, developer Rovio said the show takes viewers behind the scenes as yuppie couples tour three homes as they learn what to look for and decide whether or not the home is meant for them. Is it the cramped apartment that’s close to public transportation or the comfortable—but pricey—duplex in the city’s lush, outer neighborhoods?

No, it’s not at all like House Hunters, because it’s about nothing.

A 45-second trailer shows the birds bopping around making ear-scratching and indeterminate noises as they encounter various obstacles on Piggy Island. In the video game, the pigs make valiant attempts to steal the birds’ eggs, so the straight-to-YouTube show is about those types of hijinks.

It’s also the latest brand extension, which ranges from clothing to stuffed animals, for the popular game.

TubeFilter described the show as “colorfully animated, unrelentingly slapstick, and devoid of spoken dialogue,” so that should serve as a warning for parents to stock-up on Excedrin. And it’s not be confused with its previous Web series called Angry Bird Sessions, not starring Helen Hunt.

Angry Birds Toons (it hurts to even type that) will be released on Rovio’s YouTube channel on March 16.

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