MAC announces new Aaliyah cosmetics collection coming 2018

Screengrab via AaliyahMusicVideo/YouTube

The ‘One in a Million’ collection comes following online activism.

Fans’ wishes have been answered after MAC Cosmetics announced via Instagram that it’s releasing an Aaliyah-inspired line summer 2018. The announcement comes after 26,196 fans signed a petition on to make the collaboration happen.

The Twitter @AaliyahforMac is dedicated to the cause, and ’90s babies across the internet are rejoicing.

Babygirl is known for her dark matte looks and tomboy-ish style, so we expect the line to be full of muted reds and browns. The collection is named “One in a Million,” after Aaliyah’s album and song of the same name.

This follows MAC’s previously released collection inspired by the late Latina singer Selena.

Aaliyah died in 2001 at the age of 22 in a plane crash. The accident shocked fans around the world, but her music and style have continued to influence modern trends long after her death.

Aaliyah is truly one in a million,” MAC wrote in their announcement. “An unstoppable icon whose groundbreaking work in R&B music and film inspires us all.”

Hopefully now we can all nail Aaliyah’s signature brows in honor of the ‘90s icon.

Sarah Jasmine Montgomery

Sarah Jasmine Montgomery

Sarah Jasmine Montgomery is a Daily Dot contributor whose writing and criticism cover all things pop culture, with an emphasis on how communities of color impact physical and digital cultural spaces. Her writing and photography have also appeared in Texas Monthly, the Fader, Complex, and Billboard.