Phil Edwards doesn’t educate. He trolls—with science!

Real science gives us landmark discoveries and a better sense of the world we live in. But fake science gives us something equally important: comedy.

Phil Edwards, the author of two-year-old Tumblr Fake Science, has made a career out of turning scientific ignorance into hearty laughs. In Fake Science 101, his book based on the blog but with original material, Edwards perfected the art of making up plausible explanations for complex phenomena.

For example, plants provide oxygen. So logically, it makes sense in Edwards’ mind for scuba divers to replenish their air supply underwater with flower bouquets. In other words, Edwards doesn’t educate; he trolls. Calvin’s Dad would be proud of.

“I’m going to be in such trouble when my kids ask me why the sky is blue and stuff like that,” he told the Daily Dot.

Edwards offered the Daily Dot an exclusive sneak peek of the Fake Science 101. Class is now in session.

1) The truth about Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”

2) Typical predator camouflage

3) Men are from where?

4) Lesser-known space activities

5) A balanced diet

6) Special effects

7) Cheaper than a scuba tank

8) Building a better baby

9) The caveman’s conundrum

10) Kitty physics

Photos via Phil Edwards

Science! Phil Edwards fakes it to make it
With his Tumblr-turned-textbook Fake Science, blogger Phil Edwards tackles natural phenomenons with more wit than wisdom. 
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