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18 Amazon Prime channels worth subscribing to
There's something for everyone.
Why isn’t ‘The Crimes of Grindelwald’ about Grindelwald doing crimes?
A political rally in a Parisian crypt isn't really a crime.
Netflix thriller ‘Cam’ explores the fractured nature of online identity
'Cam' writer Isa Mazzei wanted to show that 'sex work is work, and it’s normal.'
Bill Maher blames Stan Lee’s legacy for creating a culture that elected Trump
Maher wrote an op-ed dismissing comic book culture.
Danny DeVito really digs the creepy bathroom shrine in his honor
'My heart is filled with love and garbage.'
Netflix’s ‘Dogs’ is making everyone on Twitter ugly cry
Grab your tissues because the docuseries is sure to give you all the feels.
Is everyone lying about ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’?
YouTube comic calls out the widely popular videos.
Hailey Baldwin officially changes last name to ‘Bieber’ on Instagram
Justin and Hailey haven't commented publicly about their wedding, but it looks plenty official.
How to watch ‘Big Baby’ Miller vs. Dinu and Shields vs. Rankin for free
'They all end up running for their lives—and they can only run for so long.'
The end of ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,’ explained
What does that bombshell mean for the next movie?
PewDiePie is losing the YouTube subscriber battle to T-Series—again
He's still getting plenty of international help.
14-year-old terminal cancer patient provides hope with daily drawings
This is heartbreaking … and yet, so very inspiring.
‘Narcos: Mexico’ is an addictive soft reboot of the drug drama
Netflix's drug epic reinvents itself yet again.
Nintendo Russia CEO berates staff with slurs during livestream
'I, really, won't be a part of the next event.'
Fans are freaking out over Ariana Grande’s new hair
Is the ponytail gone forever?
The best new movies on Hulu from 2018
There's enough here to build a solid queue.
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