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Samantha Bee wants to fight white supremacy—but not by punching Nazis
'Punching Nazis doesn't help. But you can put that energy somewhere that does.'
‘Art of the Deal’ co-author thinks Trump will resign before the end of 2017
Tony Schwartz thinks President Trump may be out before the end of the year.
Spotify finally starts removing white supremacist music from site
It's pulling and reviewing alleged 'white power' groups.
Malala Yousafzai chooses to go to Oxford University—and Twitter is ecstatic
J.K. Rowling sent her regards to Yousafzai on Twitter, too.
Jimmy Kimmel reads mean tweets sent to him from Trump supporters
They did not take well to his previous monologue.
15 Spotify playlists that should be in your rotation
These playlists should be on full blast.
Solange slams white supremacists before deleting Twitter
'F**k your stale a** bland a** monuments.'
Apple is reportedly investing $1 billion in original programming
The iPhone producer is prepping for competition.
Stephen Colbert thinks Trump could be out of office by Friday
'First of all, sir, the opposite of alt-right isn’t the alt-left, it’s the not-Nazis.'
Ali Wong and Randall Park to star in new Netflix rom-com
Get your tube of cookie dough ready, baby!
The cult appeal of Poppy, the perfect pop idol of the future
Poppy is a manufactured pop star for the internet age. But who is she really? Does it even matter?
Brad Paisley gets funny at his Netflix ‘Comedy Rodeo’
Come for the David Hasselhoff cameo, hang out with Paisley's comedian buds.
James Woods’ tweet launches a meme about terrible statues
The internet has some suggestions for statues that should be smashed.
Mandy Moore was outraged by Trump’s defensive Charlottesville comments
Celebs from Lady Gaga to Chris Evans denounced the president's shocking remarks.