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How to watch HBO series and movies on Hulu
Here's how to combine your two favorite streaming options.
Netflix’s first Brazilian sitcom ‘Samantha!’ nails celebrity culture
The 7-episode series packs with sickle-sharp comedy.
The How Ridiculous YouTubers pit a giant dart vs. 9 slabs of concrete
One thing is certain: Something is getting smashed.
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The part-time action hero heads west in search of a better story.
The meta brilliance of ‘An Emmy for Megan’
She made the series to get an Emmy—and now she's nominated.
Here are the best ‘In My Feelings’ challenge videos
Drake's new song has everyone in their feelings.
Scarlett Johansson backs out of ‘Rub & Tug’ trans male role
Johansson has 'learned a lot from the community since making my first statement about my casting.'
The ‘Twitter Purge’ hits Obama harder than Trump
Why hasn't Trump's account seen such a massive dip?
Jim Jefferies’ new special returns to one of his most famous comedy bits
Jim Jefferies talks about parenting, depression, and 'docking' in his new special.
How Scarlett Johansson alienated Black Widow’s feminist fanbase
By playing a trans man and an Asian woman, ScarJo alienated her target audience.
Content creators say YouTube is punishing them for promoting Twitch streams
YouTube accounts were reportedly deleted without warning.
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