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YouTube Guide: A magically delicious mashup

They’re always after Symphony of Science’s Lucky Charms.


Michelle Jaworski

Internet Culture

With more than 72 hours of footage uploaded every minute, it’s physically impossible to keep track of the content on YouTube. In YouTube Guide, the Daily Dot will curate its five favorite finds for each workday.

1) Symphony of Science, “Magically Delicious”

Those kids just won’t leave Lucky alone; he’s just trying to enjoy his Lucky Charms. His look may have changed over the year, but in the end—no matter what disguise or distraction he throws their way—they always catch up to him in this remix.

2) CinestirTV, “Princess Bride Promo”

On one fateful sick day, Peter Falk decided to read a young Fred Savage A Game of Thrones. And while the story has a lot of the things that might keep keep him enticed, he’s aggravated at the ending. The main character is really dead, the evil prince lives, and he’s nicely set for more outrage at the unfairness of life.

3) BD594, “Skrillex – Bangarang – Old School Computer Remix”

Your outdated computer and office supplies may not be good for much these days, but at least you can make music with them. YouTuber BD594 has done this many times before, but now he shows that he can even cover dubstep with a drum, some lights, and an old printer.

4) Official Comedy, “March Mad Men”

Things may be hectic at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, but March Madness is here and they’re not playing around with their office pool. Some might be throwing names around, but after it’s over, someone’s gonna upset and someone will emerge the pool winner.

5) UnusualSuspect2011, “The Avengers (Power Rangers Style!)”

Keeping with the theme of TV show mashups, Nick Fury brings a group of remarkable people together and they combine forces in order to defeat Loki (albeit without a set of Zords that combine into the Megazord).

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