What the hell is printed on this Popeyes fried chicken?

I was on a mission for the greasy truth.


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Published Mar 26, 2015   Updated May 29, 2021, 5:24 am CDT

When you bite into a piece of delectable fried chicken, you hope to find only a mouthful of tender meat and breading, nothing more, nothing less. One Popeyes patron in Chicago got an unexpected treat: a garbled message printed in ink on her chicken. It looks like somebody stuck a piece of fried chicken in a printer and hit command-P on a TPS report.

Zoë (@zoerakaya_) is that customer:


In a quest to find the truth behind this mysteriously printed poultry, I reached out to Popeyes corporate. I left four voicemails. They have not responded to my messages at this time. I also reached out to the Popeyes franchise at 95th and Vincennes in Chicago and was greeted by a manager named Renée. She was unable to comment on the incident. She said she only talks about a customer’s food with the customer. 

An image of the Popeyes franchise in question.

An image of the Popeyes franchise in question.

Google Maps

So what exactly is printed on this chicken?


Let’s enhance.


Enhance again.


The visible letters: S, D, M, R, E, A, an anagram for the word “dreams.” 

And then… is that a vowel? Should we consult a graphologist about what exactly these illegible characters are? 

But it’s not the exact letters that matter. It’s why exactly there would be any goddamn type on this chicken.

Perhaps it’s a warning of sorts, handed down from the fast-food gods. Or a kitchen accident that left this piece of fried heaven scarred with the burden of language? It it an Illuminati conspiracy? 

Daily Dot

Beyoncé, a noted fan of Popeyes, attempting to signal the lizard people she commands? (Skip to 2:30.)

It is still unknown. This mystery may never be solved. 

H/T Mashable | Photo via Twitter/zoerakaya_

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*First Published: Mar 26, 2015, 7:51 pm CDT