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When Twitter was down

In the last month, Twitter has experienced three system hiccups that have kept the masses from their precious social network addiction.


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In the last month, Twitter has experienced three system hiccups that have kept the masses from their precious social network addiction.

Monday night’s “stability issues” were particularly bad. The outage helped breathe new life into the hashtag #whentwitterwasdown which thousands of people used to spread some good cheer.

“I had a brief empty period of not knowing what to do with my life anymore,” tweeted Ezri, a Malaysian student.

“I falcon punched my computer screen,” tweeted Jayce Hansen.

“Facebook became the rebound chick,” tweeted Arshad Hatia, from Australia.

The hashtag quickly became a worldwide trend and attracted tweets from some famous Twitter accounts.

“Seven baseball games were completed, and one (Yanks-Rays) was delayed by a power outage,” tweeted ESPN.

“We premiered a new Beastie Boys video directed by Spike Jonze exclusively on FOD!” tweeted Funny or Die.

“I tweeted via regular mail. Watch for it America!” tweeted Eric Stangel, head writer for “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

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