Wheel of Fortune: A Streetcar Named Desire

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‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant’s fail is NSFW and cringeworthy

How could anyone get this wrong?


Michelle Jaworski

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We’ve seen our fair share of Wheel of Fortune fails over the years—and more quickly now that anyone can film and upload them online—but one contestant’s wrong guess might just be the worst one yet.

On Tuesday night’s episode, the contestants had a board with only one letter missing—the ‘M’— on A Streetcar Named Desire, the famous Tennessee Williams play and film. Even if you didn’t know that A Streetcar Named Desire existed, there aren’t many letters that would fit there. But Kevin, who spun the wheel instead of solving the puzzle, found one of the only other letters that would’ve made an actual word—if it wasn’t for the title.


Yes, he said ‘K’ to make the world “Naked.” A Streetcar Naked Desire. How.

It’s secondhand embarrassment taken to a whole new level as even the audience audibly groans.

It’s a cakewalk for the next contestant, although Pat Sajak clearly prefers Kevin’s title.

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