Rapper Wale takes down Tomi Lahren’s impeachment joke with spectacular tweet

feudOver the past few months, rapper Wale and conservative media personality Tomi Lahren have engaged in an on-again, off-again feud on Twitter. It began when Wale included her name in a song of his. Lahren was upset he mispronounced it.

Wale won that round.

Then, when Lahren tried to make a little peace by taking the rapper’s advice, he was there again.

Today, he had another tremendously good quote tweet.

Lahren was doing her favorite thing online, bashing leftists for refusing to accept President Donald Trump as a legitimate president, and she made a pretty good joke.


But then there was Wale.

In Lahren’s defense, she wasn’t fired on her day off. She was fired while suspended.

That said, Lahren is heading to work in communications for a PAC, so whether she will maintain the same outspoken persona online remains to be seen. If she does, you can rest assured Wale will waiting.

David Covucci

David Covucci

David Covucci is the Layer 8 editor at the Daily Dot, covering the intersection of politics and the web. His work has appeared in Vice, the Huffington Post, Jezebel, Gothamist, and other publications. He is particularly interested in hearing any tips you have. Reach out at [email protected]