Clinton Trump 2020 Mean Girls

Clinton claps back at Trump with ‘Mean Girls’ reaction GIF over 2020

Clinton ruled out a presidential run in 2020.

On Mar 6, 2019 by Andrew Wyrich

donald trump stare

Picture of Trump glowering at a small child becomes a meme

Would you want this person glowering at you?

On Aug 27, 2018 by Ellen Ioanes

Roger Stone shared a Space Force meme on Monday where he, along with other right-wing personalities, are wearing uniforms with swastikas on them.

Former Trump adviser shares meme of president wearing swastika, spacesuit

He said he was 'proud' to be among those in the meme.

On Aug 14, 2018 by Andrew Wyrich

pence space force

Mike Pence’s Space Force announcement gets the intergalactic meme treatment

Just what we need: A space military.

On Aug 9, 2018 by David Covucci

Homepage article image

Trump writes giant, misspelled ‘THERE WAS NO COLUSION’ reminder on Russia statement

Well, there you have it.

On Jul 17, 2018 by David Gilmour

Paul Manafort mugshot

Paul Manafort’s mug shot gets released—immediately becomes a meme

The jokes came quick.

On Jul 12, 2018 by Andrew Wyrich

Donald Trump misspells wife's name

Did Donald Trump misspell his own wife’s name in a tweet? (Yes, he did)

Who's 'Melanie'?

On May 19, 2018 by Bryan Rolli

Eric Trump on Hannity

Eric Trump liked a tweet about Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting roasted

He apparently liked the jokes?

On Apr 29, 2018 by Chris Tognotti

Ivanka Trump posted a photo of herself on Instagram to promote 'infrastructure in Iowa' on Monday that quickly became a mocking meme.

Ivanka Trump’s lab coat Instagram photo becomes an instant meme

The jokes came quickly.

On Mar 20, 2018 by Andrew Wyrich

Donald Trump Jr. came under fire Thursday for seemingly having followed a porn Twitter account.

No, Trump Jr. didn’t just follow a porn account—he followed it a long time ago

The account posted extremely NSFW photos.

On Jan 11, 2018 by Jay Hathaway

President Donald Trump with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott next to a tweet referencing Trump comments calling himself a 'stable genius.'

The internet is having a field day with Trump’s assertion that he’s a ‘stable genius’

Hint: a stable genius probably has hooves.

On Jan 6, 2018 by Samantha Grasso

Robby Strong Steve Mnuchin horse manure

The dude who left a package of horses**t for Steve Mnuchin explains why

He said he was making a stand.

On Dec 25, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

U.S Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Wife Louise Linton

Somebody sent Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin an awfully s**tty Christmas gift


On Dec 24, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

Ted Cruz shrugging his shoulders with one hand in the air

Ted Cruz liked a porno on Twitter—and the internet went wild

Ted Cruz is in for a long day.

On Sep 12, 2017 by David Covucci

Donald Trump merchandise website

Here are all the bonkers items you can buy on Donald Trump’s website

Get your credit cards ready!

On Sep 11, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz