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Uncle Martian is the knockoff apparel brand we’ve been waiting for

Turns out there’s style on Mars.


April Siese

Internet Culture

Friday was a big day in the knockoff world. A Chinese apparel company copying the wildly successful Baltimore-based Under Armour made its debut in a high-profile event. Its name? Uncle Martian.

Knowing the risks that such unoriginality would bring, Uncle Martian shrugged off the haters and did it big for their massive launch. The big announcement included everything from a catwalk to a gratuitous crystal ball that is probably its own separate knockoff. Needless to say, the Internet found it hilarious.

Others were just trying to keep up with such swag. Won’t somebody help this man?

As entirely amusing as Uncle Martian has been to Westerners, Chinese citizens are pretty nonplussed about the glaringly obvious knockoff that harkens back to that time a massive fake Apple Store was constructed in Kunming, among many other embarrassing episodes of forgery.

According to the New York Times, unhappy customers have used a whole host of rather Trump-esque adjectives to describe the disgusting, unoriginal brand. Sad!

Purely based off aesthetics alone, the Uncle Martian logo doesn’t really make any sense, either. It’s great that designers used a more rosy hue to give a sly nod to the big red planet their apparent abducted relative now lives but stylized and mirrored “u” leaves a whole lot to be desired.

Under Armour has publicly stated it will “vigorously pursue all business and legal courses of action” against Uncle Martian, which means there’s a very limited window to snap up the greatest new knockoff merch before it’s relegated to obscure bazaars and markets around the globe. Because legal action is totally going to stop the great knockoff machine that has gifted us with Sound by Steve, Internet-branded flip-flops, and off-kilter chicken chains. Right.

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