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Snow plow is no match for this TV reporter

This reporter will not be distracted, not even by a tidal wave of snow.


Mike Fenn

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A Philadelphia TV news reporter almost met an early death—and immediate burial—during a snowstorm.

FOX 29 reporter Steve Keeley was reporting on the storm in the Philadelphia suburb of Woodstown, N.J. during the early morning hours of March 3. As he gave his report, he stepped away from the safety of the snow-covered grass to a nearby highway to study the road conditions.

And right into the path of a convoy of snow plow trucks.

The studio anchors audibly gasp—and even scream—in the background as Keeley is suddenly engulfed by a wave of snow thrown from two of the trucks.

Amazingly, neither Keeley nor his camera operator reacted to the incident, carrying on as if nothing had happened.

While Keeley may not have reacted, the Internet certainly did. Since YouTube user louie Amen uploaded the video, it has gotten hundreds of views. Even the station’s website carried the footage, headlining it with “FOX 29’s Steve Keeley Goes Up Against Snowplow.”

“Camera guy pans over… sees plows trucks… says nothing. This is his chance to be YouTube famous,” andrewc1117 commented on Reddit’s r/philadelphia community.

Keeley himself even took the incident in stride, joking about it on Twitter—as only lame morning television news reporters can.

These guys say police should give any rural plow driver who covers tv crews a mooooving violation ticket @fox29philly

— Steve Keeley (@KeeleyFox29) March 3, 2014

The next time a violent riot erupts in Philadelphia, you can bet that FOX 29 will send Steve Keeley to the scene for uninterrupted coverage.

Photo via James Lee/Flickr

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