Tuna fish savagely swallows a seagull whole, then spits the bird out

tuna fish

Photo via elevy/Flickr

Probably needs some hot sauce.

This seagull could have been completely fin-ished if it had tasted any better. Luckily, the hungry tuna didn’t exactly like the taste of feathers and beak.

A tuna off the coast of Spain was caught mistaking a seagull for food and savagely swallowed the bird whole. But after realizing the seagull probably wasn’t going to sit well in its stomach, the fish spit out the taloned treat a few seconds later (pretty much how a 3-year-old rejects brussels sprouts). 

Then the seagull just casually flew away. 

Try deep-frying the seagull first, Mr. Tuna. All birds taste better like that. 

H/T Mashable

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