Tough gorilla chomping on carrot is the action movie hero we’ve been waiting for

photoshop tough ape

Photo via Chuck Messi/U.S. Navy April Siese

That’s one tough silverback.

The silverback gorilla is a pretty majestic creature. Though recently thrust into the spotlight for a tragic reason, the endangered species is finally getting a chance to shine for all the right reasons thanks to Reddit‘s r/PsBattle.

Here’s the hardcore ape turning heads and prompting acts of artistry like no other:

Just look at that badass motherfucker. Like hell one of you could take this gorilla, even while he’s busy chowing down on a carrot. Naturally, redditors were out to prove just how much of a gangster this carrot-chomping silverback is.

The ape even ended up in the superhero universe, assuming the roles of Hell Boy and newspaper editor J. Jonah Jameson. And don’t doubt this gorilla’s leading man status for a second. Looks like r/PsBattle just put in their pick for the next James Bond.

Multiple Winston Churchill apes were also Photoshopped in this challenge, joining the likes of anyone in recent memory to have an oral fixation that can only be quelled by cigars.

If this isn’t a pitch-perfect way to raise awareness of the plight of the silverback gorilla and honor Harambe, I don’t know what is.

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