Fortunately, she did not buy the Porsche.

“EBay” may read like Pig Latin for “baby,” but that doesn’t mean the site’s designed for toddlers. 

Case in point: the story of 14-month-old Sorella Stoute, who, it was revealed Tuesday afternoon through Portland, Ore., news station KOIN, spent at least part of her June logging onto the online auction marketplace through her father’s iPhone and purchasing a 50-year-old Austin Healey Sprite that, frankly, doesn’t look too spry. 

Her father Paul summed the situation up quite succinctly.

“She decided to open the eBay app and started clicking around, and one thing led to another, and we own a car,” he told the network. 

And they can’t give it back. EBay may be a world of wonders when it comes to window shopping, but the site’s stringent on sales. I’m still dealing with a suspension from 2005 because I won an auction on the site and refused to pay up, and, to be honest, have no idea how to get out of the site’s doghouse.

Fortunately, Sorella’s little investment didn’t cost Daddy too much dough. She won the auction at a little less than $225, a far cry from the $38,000 Porsche Paul had been checking out beforehand. 

The Healey now lives in the back of Paul’s mother’s yard, where Paul plans to fix it up and pass on to Sorella when she turns 16.

“It’s going to be a lot of work,” he said. “I’ve done a lot of body work in the past, like bond and stuff like that. But this is another realm altogether.”

H/T Gawker | Photo via Tim Becker/YouTube

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