The time traveler conversation meme finds its way to TikTok

Time travelers have (allegedly) invaded YouTube, and now they’ve taken over TikTok.

The time traveler meme has seen several variations, but it’s found a new form on TikTok, aided by the add text feature. The meme traditionally features a conversation between a time traveler and someone in the year they’ve traveled to, and Know Your Meme points to a 2017 Doctor Who episode as one of its sources.

Some of the videos are more Back to the Future-y.

Others warn of more specific moments in history.

And some reference other TikTok memes, like Save the Turtles.

And, since TikTok is always riffing on pop culture, there’s a subgenre of Area 51 meme memes.


Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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