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Thirsty conservative gets dunked on over his weird tweet about a ’22-year-old girl’ on the subway

He’s been waiting for this moment his entire life.


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Picture this: You’re Elliot Kaufman, a self-identified conservative with bylines at the Wall Street Journal and the National Review. For some reason, this doesn’t get you laid, so instead, you find a new solution: Negging random women on the subway.

Kaufman went viral this week after he tweeted an unreasonably thirsty conversation between himself and what he describes as an “attractive 22-year-old girl” on the New York City subway. After the woman apparently asked Kaufman what he was reading, he immediately lit up, saying that he “has been waiting for this moment my entire life.” But as soon as he explained that he was reading a biography on Winston Churchill, his heart was crushed after learning that the woman on the train didn’t know who Churchill was.

In response, he turned to Twitter with a now-deleted tweet in a desperate attempt to make fun of the woman who broke his heart.


This isn’t Kaufman’s first thirsty tweet, for the record. He has a pinned tweet inviting “anyone who sees this” to “DM me to get lunch/dinner/drinks,” and there’s also one where he tweets about thinking of “sex without the law.” There’s even a hidden gem in his timeline about eating an entire box filled with tenders and popcorn chicken from KFC on the subway. Quite the catch, ladies.


There’s something about Kaufman’s desperation, his incredibly high standards, and his weirdly off-putting condescension that just screams avoid at all costs. It’s so bad, it’s good. And thus a meme was born about the “attractive 22-year-old girl on the subway” that totally exists and isn’t made up.




Twitter users even came up with some more realistic renditions of what happens on the subway when two people are talking to each other.






For the record, Kaufman isn’t a fan of the tweets.

“You’ve become a meme now,” his friend Eamonn O’Keeffe tweeted.

“Among people who take their cues from rich kid socialists,” Kaufman, a Stanford alumnus, replied.



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