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Game reviewer deals with rape-threat trolls by telling their moms

For once, everybody loves a tattletale.


Miles Klee

Internet Culture

Nobody wants their mom to know what they get up to on the Internet—least of all trolls who spend their days spewing rape threats and are still supported by an allowance.

Alana Pearce, a video game reviewer based in Brisbane, Australia, is well aware of this fact, and has pressed it to her advantage in the battle against online misogyny. Rather than report Facebook abuse through corporate channels, she’s going straight to the real authority figure.

Pearce followed this tweet with posts indicating that she’s contacted other mothers of would-be rapists but hasn’t heard back from them—because they’re busy yelling at their horrible idiot children, we hope.

Good luck talking your way out of that grounding, boys. (But not really.)

H/T BuzzFeed | Photo via Facebook/Alanah Pearce

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