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Teenager stuffs 138 pencils into his mouth, should probably get a hobby

Sometimes you just have to ask, ‘Why? Why?’


Elijah Watson

Internet Culture

Doing stupid stuff as a teenager is essentially a rite of passage. Everyone can remember a time (or multiple times) when we did something undeniably dumb solely because we were bored teenagers. You’ve got to make up your own fun sometimes—even if means sticking 138 pencils in your mouth.

That’s what 19-year-old Nepalese teen Raja Thapa did, and it’s actually pretty impressive. He begins his video by showing how wide he can make his mouth, and then he proceeds to put 138 pencils in it.

But wait—there’s more! He also puts a collection of lit candles in his mouth.

Why is Thapa doing all of this? Well he claims to have the widest mouth in the world—and judging by this video he may actually be right. Regardless, kudos to you, Thapa.

Screengrab via Caters Clips/YouTube

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