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Does Subway know it just tweeted a sex thing?

Was Subway trying to get all sexy on Twitter?


David Britton

Internet Culture

Published Dec 28, 2017

Being clever on Twitter seems to be a never-ending job for fast food chains. Wendy’s, for instance, is especially savage. But it’s not always easy to hit the mark.

Such is the case with this confusing tweet Subway posted Thursday, and now people are convinced the company was implying BDSM.

“In 2017 we subbed, we loved, and we sub-loved. All in all, pretty good year,” the tweet says.

“Subbing” can mean all kinds of things. It can, for instance, refer to what a substitute teacher, or really anyone filling in for someone else’s job, does. It can be a sandwich. But once you combine “sub” with “love”— and especially “sub-love”—it’s not a far stretch to start thinking about the more erotic definition.


People on Twitter reacted like the tweet had sexual connotations.

Subway replied to some of the tweets as if its account is run by a grandma who has no idea what people are talking about.

Although maybe the company does know, and it’s just trolling?

Some people used the tweet to talk about entirely different issues.

The verdict is still out on what Subway intended with the tweet. Maybe whoever is running their account was sleepy and just tried to cram the word “sub” into a tweet about the new year.

Or maybe—just maybe—Subway has been a very naughty restaurant this year.


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*First Published: Dec 28, 2017, 3:21 pm CST