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Anonymous releases disturbing Steubenville rape “confession” video

Anonymous’s war against a group of high school athletes implicated in the rape of a 16-year-old girl just escalated with the release of a disturbing video.


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Anonymous’s war against a group of high school athletes implicated in the rape of a 16-year-old girl just escalated with the release of a disturbing video that shows Steubenville athletes drunkenly mocking the young victim on the night of the attack.

“She is so raped,” one of the teenagers says in the video. “Her puss is about as dry as the sun right now.” 

Police arrested Steubenville football stars Trent Mays, 16, and Ma’lik Richmond, 16, in August, charging them with raping and then kidnapping the barely conscious girl by taking her to party after party earlier this year. Evidence of the rape played out on social media. On the night of the attack, Mays and Richmond, along with other students, tweeted about “rape” and a “drunk girl” and posted at least one Instagram photo of the alleged victim.

In late December, disturbed by the dearth of eyewitnesses who have stepped forward, hacktivist group Anonymous threatened to expose other Steubenville students it believed were either complicit in the crime or helping cover it up. Under the hashtag #OpRollRedRoll—a play on the football team’s rallying cry—the group has published an exposé of the major players in the case and, now, the 12-minute video, which was shot so shortly after the attacks that one of the participants actually leaves to check up on the girl. 

“She’s deader than Obi-wan Kenobi after Darth Vader cut his head off,” one of the students says.

Over the course of the evening, the victim had vomited several times, and needed help walking from one party to another.

“They peed on her,” says another student. “That’s how you know she’s dead cause someone pissed on her.”

In the background, another student warns, “They could to go jail,” presumably referring to the alleged rapists.

The source of the leak is unclear. Anonymous branch Knight Sec, which tweets from @KYAnonymous and has largely led #OpRollRedRoll, claimed responsibility for the leak. A source told the Daily Dot via Twitter,

It was given to us by an inside source who had access to mobile phone media archives, who after handing it over, vanished.

We’ve posted the video below, but be warned: Its content is highly disturbing.

Screencap via YouTube

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