Spider-Man texting memes


These Spider-Man texting memes show us what Peter’s really been sending

Is Spidey spending time on Grindr?


Brittany Vincent

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Marvel’s Spider-Man was just released, and as expected, the internet is going nuts over it. From making hilarious memes involving the game’s super cool Photo Mode to zipping around in-game Manhattan, people can’t seem to get enough of the game.

Spider-Man is surprisingly realistic, with plenty of fun little touches that really help to immerse you and make you feel as though you’ve totally leaped into the world of your favorite comic book superhero. For instance, Spider-Man can often be seen scrolling through his phone, texting, and chatting with other characters like MJ.

But what’s Peter sending, anyway? There’s one particular screenshot being shared online with some pretty silly ideas on what he might be up to. Aside from the obvious under the suit “sexy pictures” of course.





EDM superstar Diplo even shared this hilarious riff on Peter’s texting habits.

But wait—that app interface looks kind of familiar.

Is that Grindr, Peter? The app uses the same chat color bubbles, blue and yellow.


The game is also filled with rainbow flags—which the LGTBQ community is applauding.



Spider-Man, a gay icon? We’re here for it.

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