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Boba Fett takes on Deadpool in a rap battle, while Spider-Man takes on Darth Maul in a fight

Marvel vs Star Wars? Everyone wins.


Aja Romano

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The obvious answer is that when Marvel and Star Wars characters face off in epic battles, we all win. But in the case of Deadpool versus Boba Fett, and Spider-Man versus Darth Maul, we honestly don’t know who the victors are. 

Our first face-off comes to us courtesy of Epic Rap Battles of History, the YouTube channel that’s been pitting our faves against each other for years. In this special Star Wars-y installment, the Merc with a Mouth faces off against the merc who rarely talks. Boba Fett may be the deadliest mercenary in a galaxy far, far away, but Deadpool doesn’t have to work hard to remind us why he’s getting his own movie.

So who won? We have no idea. They each got in plenty of jabs, and while YouTube commenters understandably seem to be leaning toward Deadpool, we can’t overlook Fett—even if he is part of what makes the notorious Christmas special so embarrassing. 

Next up: Super Power Beat Down, the long-running webseries in which real geeks sound off on hypothetical matchups of superheroes and then the battle plays out in front of us. In the latest episode, it’s Spider-Man against The Phantom Menace villain Darth Maul. Though Maul only showed up for a few scenes in the first prequel, fans were surprisingly quick to take his side.

Jump to 6:45 if you just want to skip the fan debate and see how it all went down.

Plenty of fans think that old-fashioned superpowers just can’t stand up to the power of the Force, but we have to side with the Beat Down and go with Spidey on this one. He’s got agility, intelligence, and webbed fingers on his side. Darth Maul mostly just has a lot of theatrics and a really cool lightsaber.

What do you think?

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