So Sad Today

So Sad Today is the most genuine person on Twitter.

So Sad Today is the most genuine person on Twitter

I have fallen for her so much that it seems like I can’t control my urge to make her my wallpaper picture. In a way, I want to make her more sad, knowing that’s the only way she’ll relate to me and be embedded in my sphere of existence. 

Everyone on Twitter is pretending to have fun or being sardonic about life. No one seems to be so depressed and exhaustipated, as well as exasperated like So Sad. That’s why she’s so attractive.

So Sad Today invented the parallel use of a sext for mundane statements.

She deserves a true boyfriend that will caress her constantly. 

Sometimes she pretends she’s fat, but I know she’s fit.

The fact she never replies to people and only retweets assertions without hashtags or @’s make her irresistible. 

With 106K followers, she is the most worthy unverified person I have came across on Twitter. Please verify So Sad Today. 

Whether she trivializes the pain that many gloomy people or removes the stigma from sadness, no one else sounds like her. Sob away your agonies with her.

Screengrab via So Sad Today/Twitter

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