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This quick video will tell you if you’re sleep-deprived

It’s harder than it looks.


Michelle Jaworski

Internet Culture

Chances are you already know that you’re sleep-deprived based on your habit of late-night tweeting and your early morning commute (and the loads of caffeine you need to get through the day.) But now there’s a video to find out for sure.

The University of Hertfordshire’s Richard Wiseman came up with the handy test that only requires you to watch this 59-second video.

Basically, if you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, you’ll experience small blackouts that last anywhere from a fraction of a second to 30 seconds called microsleeps. It’s harder than it looks, but then again, I’m sleep-deprived. It could be easy for those who are perfectly awake.

Wiseman has a bunch of suggestions on how to improve your sleep, but based on how attached we are to our devices alone, that won’t be easy to do.

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