This Slack Halloween costume will make you extremely anxious

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Halloween is a time to break out your spookiest, most haunting costume. One guy absolutely nailed not only the outfit but the notification sound for Slack, which is arguably one of the most haunting costumes we’ve seen this year.

A lot of workplaces use the messaging platform Slack. Those of us who are familiar with the platform know the dreaded notification sound all too well. Is it your boss or is it your co-worker complaining about your boss? You never quite know what to expect from a new Slack notification, which is why people are freaking out about how spot on this costume is.

The immediate reaction by most people was that it was *the* most scary costume they’ve ever seen or heard.

One person on Twitter said she was “triggered.”

“This is what nightmares are made of,” wrote another person.

Others applauded the costume, saying he “won Halloween.”

Someone even said she would be stealing the idea for next year.

Unfortunately, this costume will be haunting those of us who use Slack all year, not just today on Halloween.

Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto

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