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The crowd at this game was dead silent, and then something extraordinary happened

You would think Taylor University just won the national championship.


Austin Powell

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Division III basketball is usually about as notable as the weather in Waco, but it’s responsible for perhaps the coolest tradition in college sports.

Since 1997, Taylor University of Upland, Ind., hosts a home game the Friday before final exams, called the Silent Night. It starts pin-drop quiet and at a standing-room-only capacity. Then, when the 10th point’s scored, it turns into a Harlem Shake video, with students rushing the court and raising the decibel limit on par with Kansas City Chiefs’ football stadium. You’d think TU just won the national following.

Some highlights:

* What appears to be three guys in a joint firetruck costume running across the sideline.
* Someone in a dog costume chasing said firetruck.
* The little boy batting a balloon in his own private celebration.
* Aquaman
* The dude in the red-striped shirt reenacting his own Where’s Waldo fantasy.
* The Incredible Hulk
* The guy hoisting his crutches in the air with both hands.
* The bro bear-crawling down the court.
* The last two on the court, doing some sort of high-knees touchdown dance.

Here’s an even better view, provided by the university.

In case you’re wondering, Taylor beat Indiana Dabney in the game, 94-72, and it ended, as it does every year, with the a rendition of “Silent Night.”

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via YouTube

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