Kent Petersen had finally finished raking all of the leaves in his backyard when Butch “decided to help.”

The only joy that comes from raking leaves is that of treating it like your own personal ball pit playground.

Kent Petersen said he had just finished raking leaves when Butch, his Siberian Husky, “decided to help.”

In the accompanying video, Butch buries himself. He prances. He digs. He darts through the pile and sprints laps around it. It’s the happiest 1:45 you’ll likely spend all day.

“Two weeks to gather them into a pile,” one YouTube commenter noted. “10 minutes to obliterate.”

While nearly a year old, a Liveleak copy of the video hit Reddit on Saturday, prompting a return to the original, which is slightly longer and contains sound.

The timing actually couldn’t be better: This is all the motivation you’ll ever need to rake that pile of leaves in your yard.  

Screengrab via YouTube

Austin Powell

Austin Powell

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