Santa dog rides ’round shining on a Roomba

We’ve all heard of the rare occasions where dogs get on with cats, and cats with dogs. More rare, however, are relationships between our beloved pets and household cleaning appliances.

Two pals, a young Boston terrier and a Roomba, decided to show off their friendship with a Christmas video. The pet, dressed as Santa Claus wearing a fabulous garland of tinsel rode his steed around the living room to the tune of “Dónde Está Santa Claus” while showing off its home’s fancy, chrome-plated fireplace.

It’s possible that the Roomba involved may be the very same of DJ Roomba fame from Parks and Recreation. Either way we’re sure both will have a very merry Christmas.

Screengrab via The Big Shift/YouTube

Ned Donovan

Ned Donovan

Ned Donovan is a politics and entertainment journalist who's done stints with GQ, Wired, and the Daily Mail. His bylines have also appeared in the Week, the Telegraph, BuzzFeed, History Today, and elsewhere.